For Brandy


I dedicate this website to Brandy Haile, my best friend.


My dear friend Brandy passed away suddenly on January 21, 2018.  She had TTP, a rare blood disorder, and had been in good health since 2011.  On the night of the 21st, TTP attacked her again and she was rushed to the ER.  There were complications and her body didn't make it.

Brandy was my best friend. The funniest, wittiest person who could make you laugh harder than anyone else in the world. She was brilliant, nearly done with her masters in library science. The school librarian at an elementary school. The most empathetic, kind, thoughtful soul. She had the best ear for music and everything British. She was always there, by my side — by so many people’s sides — for all the big things. In fact, she gave me advice and encouragement on everything you see here — all the images on this website, all my test prints, all my large flowers, all my business dreams — she was a part of it all.  It breaks my heart into even further bits knowing she is not here to see this.

I cannot imagine life without her in it. The world has lost a star — and will never be the same.  Brandy, this is for you.